You know what's amazing? I mean, truly truly amazing?

I'm talking really crazy-wild amazing. This is the real McCoy, the Statue of Liberty of amazing. On a power scale of one to ten of amazingness, we're talking Mount Everest amazing. Or no wait! We're talking Avagadro's number amazing. Yeah, Avagadro's number--it sounds cooler

Ladies-And-Gentlemen-Here-Are-Your-World-Champion-New-England-Patriots amazing.

What I'm about to say is phenominally amazing in exactly the same way as pencil shavings are not. That is to say, pencil shavings are not amazing, but this is. 100% gen-u-wine, bon-a-fide MADE IN USA something-for-nothing amazing.

So I might as well tell you what it is, eh?

Well, my dear reader, it is this:

This week this journal has had a two-month-high number of visitors, and its not even Sunday yet!

Let's take a few moments for that to sink in.

I didn't write anything and people flocked to this thing! How is this possible? I'm at a complete loss for explanation. On Wednesday, I logged eighty-six hits! And exactly zero of them were me!

I wonder if I'm getting new visitors. Maybe that's it. But then I have to wonder where these people are all coming from. Did someone famous and/or cool link to me? Or maybe someone popular found my site and thought so highly of it that he/she immidiately shared it with her/her friends, peers, contemporaries, colleagues, acquaintances, playdates, etc.

No, that's not it.

Well, in any case, I feel as though I owe an explanation to you. Why did I stop writing in my journal?

Frankly, I didn't feel like it.

Just wasn't my thing for a minute. It wasn't happening.

So then why am I writing now?

I...feel like it?

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